The U.N. Is STUNNED By Disturbing Demand From The Taliban

After the fall of the Afghanistan government, the Taliban sent an ambassador to represent them in the United Nations. Their mission is to request that world leaders officially recognize their authority.

Afghanistan's current U.N. ambassador is Ghulam Isaczai, previously assigned by the former government supported by the U.S. military. The Taliban nominated Suhail Shaheen as their representative and requested that he would be allowed to address the assembly.

Biden is in hot water for the way he coordinated the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. He persuaded everyone to go along with the exit he claimed would be "safe and orderly," but it was instead chaos and disorder. During the confusion, 13 U.S. service members and nearly 100 Afghans lost their lives in a planned bombing. When the dust cleared on August 31, approximately 100 Americans and tens and thousands of Afghan refugees were left abandoned in Afghanistan.

Biden and his team declared that the U.S. was prepared for the Taliban to take over as violently as it did but many wonder if the White House was underestimated the Taliban's power.

"I don't think anyone assessed that they would collapse as quickly as they did. Anyone - anyone in this room, anyone anywhere in the world," Psaki responded. "If you have anyone who did I would be surprised."

It's been reported that U.S. intelligence officials cautioned President Biden that the Afghan government could fall in a matter of days, but the administration ignored all warnings.

The Biden administration attempted to pass the blame for the catastrophe to former President Donald Trump's administration as well as to the Afghan government itself. Biden maintains that Trump failed to enforce the conditions of his peace agreement with the Taliban and argues that the Afghan military did not take appropriate actions to assure the survival of their government.

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