Grizzly Bear Crashes Wedding - Devours Moose During Ceremony

A happy couple was reciting their wedding vows to one another in Glacier National Park in Montana when they were interrupted by a grizzly bear attacking and eating a moose calf nearby.

Wedding videographer Stanton Giles captured the savage attack and then posted it on Youtube where it was seen about 10,000 times.

“A wedding ceremony was taking place on the shores of Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park, when, through the groom’s vow, a grizzly charged from brush on the north shore and attacked a moose calf posing as the mother.” The video is captioned.

According to the National Park Service (NPS), grizzly bears are omnivores and at least 90 percent of their diet consists of grass, berries, and insects. What they eat may change with the seasons.

“They will also eat large and small mammals, fruits, bark, roots, and mushrooms, if available,” NPS officials said.

In the video, the camera is focused on the groom when a blood-curdling cry can be heard in the distance.

“And that’s why we didn’t go to the North Shore, ladies, and gentlemen,” one of the guests can be heard saying.

The bear continued to devour the moose as the wedding party and guests commented on what they were seeing.

Giles said in the video description that he had seen the moose and the calf moving quickly through the woods about 10 minutes prior.

“The bear must have been chasing them at least for a while,” he said.

The viewers were surprised by what was captured during the wedding.

One viewer wrote, “Crazy you captured this mid-ceremony.”

“Now the question is how do you include a moose being eaten by a bear in a wedding video,” commented another.

“What an omen,” wrote one viewer.

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