Georgia Woman Boards School Bus Refuses To Let Children Exit

Parents in one Georgia neighborhood are up in arms after one mother climbed aboard their children’s school bus and began cursing at the bus driver.

The mother who boarded the bus and cursed the driver wanted her children to be dropped off about 300 feet away from the assigned drop-off spot.

A parent can ask the district to change a drop-off point but instead, witnesses said this mother got angry and took it out on the bus driver and prevented other children from getting off the bus.

“As we are walking up I see a lady on the bus,” Jason Abbott said.

Cellphone video shows the bus stopping and the woman getting on the bus and blocking the door.

The bus driver could not move the bus and the kids were unable to get off of it because the woman was blocking the door.

Other parents are upset about the woman keeping their children from exiting the bus as well as the language she used in front of their children.

Ultimately the police were called and the mother was escorted off the bus.

The school district said it spoke to the mother and that “expectations have been strongly reinforced and consequences if there is a second situation.”

But these parents said the district’s response was not enough to keep such an incident from happening again.

“I hate to say it — Forsyth County has failed the parents,” Abbott said.

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