Cuomo Appears To Be On Biden's Bad Side As Secret Feud Emerges

Things are steadily getting worse for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and it appears as though his days are numbered, politically speaking.

Cuomo was first lampooned by New Yorkers over a series of decisions that he made during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when he used New York’s nursing homes as overflow facilities when hospitals began having trouble keeping up. Given that the elderly were far more “at risk” for complications from the virus, this led to an untold number of deaths, and then, to make matters worse, Cuomo was caught trying to cover up the extent of this damage.

Then came a trio of credible allegations of sexual harassment against him, which then prompted several former allies to suggest that Cuomo resign.

While President Joe Biden has been mum on the subject of Cuomo’s poor behavior, a recently leaked piece of information about the Biden team’s feelings regarding the NY Governor seems to be conveniently timed.

Joe Biden’s aides were furious that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo made a self-serving video for the 2020 Democratic National Convention and asked his camp to redo it — but they refused, a new book says.

“Every four years, Democrats asked themselves the same question about the New York governor and former Housing and Urban Development secretary: ‘How is Andrew Cuomo going to f- – us this time?’’ write the authors of “Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency.’’

At the convention four years earlier, Cuomo had jarred on “for double his allotted time,’’ while his team refused to participate in fact-checking sessions beforehand, the book says.

Then last year, when Cuomo “was supposed to use his credibility to explain why Biden had the best plan for dealing with the pandemic,’’ he instead “recorded something of a tribute to himself,’’ write authors Jonathan Allen of NBC News and Amie Parnes of The Hill.

Cuomo, a high-profile  Democrat, was once considered a possible dark horse in the 2020 presidential race.

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