Biden Promises That Every American Will Have One Of These By The End Of May

With vaccines springing up from all major pharmaceutical companies in recent weeks, one has to wonder if we really are at the beginning of the end of coronavirus? Could we actually be coming out from under this horrid fog of war?Texas seems to think so, with the Lone Star State Governor announcing that citizens will not be under a mask mandate as of next week, at the same time that businesses will be allowed to open to 100% capacity.

President Joe Biden is also looking to expedite the return of normalcy and has now made an incredibly bold claim about just when every American will be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Following the recent emergency use approval of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine, all U.S. adults will be able to receive a coronavirus vaccine by the end of May, President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday.

Biden during a press conference officially announced that pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. is teaming up with rival Johnson & Johnson to help manufacture its recently-approved COVID-19 vaccine in a bid to speed the country’s vaccination efforts, a process that began slowly but has accelerated in recent weeks.

The emergency approval of a vaccine, in addition to the collaboration between Merck and Johnson & Johnson, was key in moving the target of the vaccines being available to all adult Americans from July to the end of May, some two months sooner than initially expected. Biden credited a “stepped-up process” in seeing this timeline accelerated.

Biden is also pushing for states to move teachers and childcare workers to a higher priority for vaccinations, as at-home children continue to hamper our economic recovery.

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