Belligerent Woman Gets What She Deserves On Board Airplane

It appears as though flight attendants being assaulted by passengers has become far too commonplace. A woman on a flight to Nashville Saturday night attacked two flight attendants then was zip-tied by another passenger and was subsequently arrested while shouting for officers to “shoot me.”

Crew members had contacted authorities before landing at the Nashville International Airport and police were waiting to arrest the 42-year-old woman who was taken off the flight for “unruly behavior” then arrested for public intoxication.

The plane took off from Fort Lauderdale around 6 p.m, it was some time after take-off that the woman punched one flight attendant, and pulled the hair of another. Following the attack, a fellow passenger restrained the woman’s feet by using zip-ties.

The woman, who smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech, and had bloodshot eyes, told officers that she had drunk “a lot.”

When she’d been arrested, she shouted at the officers that “I didn’t do anything wrong” and “shoot me.” The woman also tried to avoid being placed in the police car by stiffening her legs, so officers could not close the door.

“Thank you to our guests who assisted our crew and local law enforcement for their assistance,” Spirit Airlines spokesperson Nicole Aguiar said. “We will work with the relevant authorities to ensure this individual is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

She was jailed Saturday evening, spent the night sobering up, and released Sunday morning. The flight crew did not press charges.

Police arrested a passenger on a Jetblue flight in September for choking a flight attendant then rushing the cockpit. A flight attendant was assaulted on a flight from New York in October and was left bloodied and in need of medical attention.

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