WATCH: Violent Protesters Knock Police Officer Out With A Brick

After a shooting involving a Black man in Kenosha, Wisconson, protests broke out and turned into riots with looting and violence. A graphic video was captured of a police officer being struck in the head with a brick and appears to be knocked unconscious.

The video was posted to Twitter on Sunday and shots two officers walking around a police car surrounded by an angry crowd and small fires when one officer suddenly falls to the ground.

Other officers on the scene are trying to help the injured cop while people from the crowd can be year yelling, "He just got bricked," and "F*ck the police."

Just hours before, a person was hospitalized in serious condition after being shot by police officers who were responding to a "domestic incident."

In a video posted earlier that day, there can be seen what appears to be the shooting from across the street. Three officers on the scene can be seen shouting and aiming their weapons at the suspect. While seven shots could be heard on the video it's unclear if more that one officer fired their weapon.

There have not been any details released on what led to the shooting but only said the person was taken to a hospital in Milwaukee for treatment. The Wisconsin Department of Justice is conducting an investigation into the shooting.

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