WATCH! Graphic Video Of Shark Bite Is Heart-Stopping

A video of a fisherman’s encounter with an angry shark in the Florida Keys has gone viral.

Brett Reeder, of Parrish, spent the day fishing with his family, but the last catch of the day got him a ride to the hospital in a helicopter.

While trying to retrieve a hook from a 6-foot-long lemon shark, the beast grabbed his arm and nearly severed his pinky.

Video posted on social media has garnered more than 5 million views. Reeder’s wife Mandy posted the original video on her account with the caption, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

“I lost my g--damn pinky!” Reeder says in the video.

State police said Reeder made it back to the dock before being airlifted to Miami’s Jackson South Medical Center.

In a video update, Reeder appeared to be in good spirits, despite the cast on his arm.

“I got unlucky when he spun around and caught the top of my hand and started twisting. I could’ve sworn I heard a pop,” Reeder said.

“I kind of freaked out a bit,” he added, recalling his blood pressure dropping while medics gave him a blood transfusion on the helicopter.

Comments on the social media posts highlight the intensity of the video, which includes graphic content and shows the shark’s face covered with blood.

“By the amount of blood on the shark’s mouth, I think he got the pinky,” one person commented.

Others commented on how Reeder handled the accident. Right after the shark bite, he walks away from the camera and curses about the possibility of losing his pinky.

“That’s how people react when they drop their phone in the water,” another user wrote. “Not lose an appendage.”

According to Reeder, doctors say his pinky finger could still be saved, but it will take some time to find out for sure.

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