WARNING! These Images Will Make You Want To Skip Eating Breakfast

Writer and producer Jensen Karp made a couple of sickening Twitter posts in which he documents some very disturbing things he found in his bo of General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Karp posted several pictures of what appears to be shrimp tails, dental floss, and what might be rat droppings that he found inside his bag of cereal.

A grossed-out Karp tried reaching out to CTC's Twitter account about his discovery but the company's response was less than satisfactory.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch, at first, responded by apologizing and asking for more details ... while also offering a new box as a quick remedy. Then, CTC claimed, upon further examination, its quality control team came to the conclusion that they weren't shrimp tails ... but simply large, dried-up sugar clumps!

Jensen -- who's married to "Boy Meets World" star Danielle Fishel, BTW -- didn't seem to accept that answer ... as he posted close-up shots of the alleged shrimp tails. He claims he went digging even further and found more gross stuff ... including a small piece of string and tiny specks of black gunk on some of the cereal.

Jensen Karp declared that he's never eating CTC again and why he hopes he dodged a bullet with his bowl of breakfast cereal. Jensen plans on taking matters into his own hands to get to the bottom of what was in the bottom of his cereal bag. He's also hoping General Mills does some more thorough investigating because some other family might not see these contaminations until it's too late.

Karp says he will be taking some samples to poison control to test the black marks some people theorize to be rat droppings.

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