Tiffany Haddish Blacklisted Despite Lawsuit Being Dismissed

Tiffany Haddish says she’s not getting any work after being accused of molestation -- even though the lawsuit has been dismissed.

The comedian/actress opened up Wednesday about Jane Doe dropping her claim that she and Aries Spears had allegedly coerced her and her brother into inappropriate sexual skits as children ... with a change in her story as well.

When asked about how she was feeling Haddish said she was relieved about the lawsuit, adding that she had lost everything.

Haddish said that her main concern was for the accuser and her brother.

Tiffany said she doesn't speak for Aries -- nor does she affiliate with him anymore.

Haddish and Aries were accused of including the siblings in filmed sketches -- one in which Tiffany allegedly had the girl imitate fellatio on a sandwich and another in which her brother was allegedly the subject of a pedophile's fantasy, played by Aries.

Tiffany denied it at first, calling it a shakedown -- but later, she expressed regret for her role.

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