The 2020 DNC Was Less About Addressing The Issues And More About Bashing Trump

The first night of the Democratic National Convention didn't exactly leave people begging for more. In fact, according to Sean Hannity, it was Sen. Bernie Sanders that was the "only person who actually gave any substance at all."

"Those who did tune in for the convention got a predictable dose of poorly-produced, cult-like, psychotic rage [and] hysteria against all things Donald Trump," said the host of The Sean Hannity Show. "I thought they were the uniters ... all phony rhetoric."

"It was boring. It was awkward. It was disjointed," he continued. "What's worse is [there was] zero substance. Nothing. We heard no real solutions on how they will improve the lives of you, the American people. No policy discussions, no mention of the crisis in America's disastrous Democratic-run cities, no new proposals to combat COVID-19, nothing."

Hannity also added how the tedious gathering lacked "mentions of how to make this country more safe, more secure, wealthier, prosperous. None of that. All [we] got was a temper tantrum, bumper sticker slogans about pretty much how much they hate Donald Trump."

However, there was one person there who Hannity believed deserved the credit for using his time on stage to outline his radical program, Bernie Sanders.

"He used to be an annoyance on the fringe of the Democratic Party, an outlier barely even tolerated," said the host. "Everyone there thought he was a kook back then. Many Democrats [were] embarrassed by Sanders' radical socialist agenda. Now, well, he's the signal-caller. He's the leader of the Democratic Party. He controls the party's agenda."

It might be Joe Biden's face were all seeing plastered on television but everyone knows that Sanders is somewhere nearby pulling all the strings.

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