Terrified Biden Ignores Reporter's Question - The Reason Why Will Boil Your Blood!

Joe Biden is known for avoiding the press and rarely holding press conferences. On Friday, he made headlines again when he completely ignored a question from a reporter on the White House lawn. The question was about China and it seemed to scare off the leader of the free world. This begs the question, why is President Biden so scared of questions about China?

The Answer Could be in His Political Donations

It may have something to do with his political donations. During his time as Vice President, Biden received significant donations from Chinese-linked individuals and companies, including $1 million from an energy company owned by a Chinese state-controlled oil giant. He also took money from a defense contractor linked to the Chinese military and other entities connected to China’s ruling Communist Party.

Biden has long been criticized for not being forthcoming about his connections to China. In 2019, he told reporters that he was “perfectly happy” to answer questions about his dealings with China but then refused to do so when asked directly by reporters at his campaign rallies. He also failed to answer any questions about his connections to China during the presidential debates last year.

Chinese Influence in US Politics

Biden isn’t the only politician with ties to China. There are many others in both parties who have taken money from Chinese sources and have not been transparent about their connections or activities related to those sources. The US intelligence community has raised concerns over potential foreign influence in US politics, prompting Congress to pass new laws aimed at increasing transparency around political donations from foreign sources.


It appears that President Biden is scared of answering questions about his dealings with China due to his past financial relationships with various Chinese-linked entities. His refusal to answer these questions calls into question his commitment to transparency and raises serious concerns over potential foreign influence in US politics - something that should worry us all regardless of our political beliefs or affiliations.

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