Biden Under Fire: Why is Senator Graham So Quick to Defend Him?

On Tuesday, Senator Lindsey Graham quickly came to the defense of Joe Biden, who has been put under investigation after classified documents were discovered in his private home.

Instead of speaking out against him and reprimanding him for the scandal, Graham instead said he didn’t believe anything sinister was going on. This statement has caused an uproar among Republicans, who are now questioning why Graham isn’t condemning Biden for this apparent lack of security protocols. Let's take a closer look at the situation.

The Intel Scandal

On January 12th and 20th, further documents were found in Biden's library related to scandals involving Ukraine, Iran, China, and the United Kingdom. There are serious implications when it comes to national security if these documents were mishandled or inappropriately shared with foreign entities. As such, Senator Graham quickly came to Biden’s defense by saying that he would be “shocked if there’s anything sinister here”.

However, many Republicans have expressed concern about this incident and believe that it should be investigated thoroughly. They argue that an investigation should take place regardless of whether or not they are friends with someone who may be involved in a scandal like this one. The idea is that no one should be above reproach simply because of their status or connections in politics.

In addition to expressing concern about the potential security breach, Republicans have also questioned why the documents were discovered so long after they were created. It is unclear why it took so long for them to be found and why they weren’t dealt with sooner; however, it appears as though they are only now being brought up because of political pressure from Republicans and Trump supporters. This leads some people to question if there is more than meets the eye when it comes to this situation.


To sum up, Senator Lindsey Graham jumped to Joe Biden's defense following reports of classified documents discovered in his home - but many Republicans remain concerned about the implications of this discovery and want an investigation into the matter regardless of personal ties or political affiliations. We will have to wait until more information becomes available before we can determine whether or not anything truly sinister was going on here - but for now, it appears as though we just need answers as opposed to conclusions drawn prematurely.

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