New Movie TRASHED After Execs Find It Too Awful To Save

A $90 million Batman spinoff was shelved Tuesday after being considered “irredeemable” by executives.

WarnerBros Discovery said they decided to cancel the release of “Batgirl” on HBO Max because the movie “simply did not work.’ The movie was developed before WarnerBros merged with Discovery, and the new brass was not on board with the attempted expansion of the “Batman” storyline.

They said “Batgirl” was so bad that it would damage the brand’s future.

Even with the option of reshoots and an increased budget, “Batgirl” is dead, a potential blow to up-and-coming lead Leslie Grace, who portrayed the title character. The film tested so poorly that it was considered “irredeemable.”

The new owners and management of WarnerBros Discovery say they are still committed to building the DC Films titles into huge theatrical events.

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