Jeffery Epstein's Former Lover Looks Like She Took A BEATING In Jail

Apparently, Ghislaine Maxwell is suffering in prison and is being subjected to things so horrible that she's even gotten a black eye. At least that's what her lawyer said in a letter with an attached photo of the injury that was filed in court.

Attorney Bobbi Sternheim filed several documents along with a picture of Jeffrey Epstein's former lover and business partner looking worse for wear while being held at NYC's Metropolitan Detention Center.

From the photo it's obvious she has a large bruise under her eye but there's no real explanation as to how it got there. Maxwell's lawyer submitted a letter to the judge stating that her client only noticed the bruise after catching her reflection in nail clippers since she isn't allowed a mirror in jail.

According to Sternheim, Maxwell has no idea how she got the injury but prison officials aren't buying that story. The lawyer claims that officials threatened to throw Maxwell in a Special Housing Unit unless she told the truth about the black eye.

Sternheim says if her client were to be placed in SHU it's because "Ms. Maxwell needs protection from the very staff so intent on protecting her since she has no contact with anyone but staff."

"There is concern that the bruise may be related to the need for Ms. Maxwell to shield her eyes [using a sock or towel] from the lights projected into her cell throughout the night," Sternheim said and added that she was very concerned about her client's sleep disruption with guards waking her every fifteen minutes to check on her breathing.

Sternheim has requested that prison officials forgo the 15-minute check-up because sleep deprivation is having an unhealthy effect on her "well-being and ability to prepare and withstand trial."

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