Friends Watch As 22-Year-Old Man Killed By Helicopter Blade

A 22-year-old man suffered a horrific death during his Mykonos vacation when he was fatally struck by helicopter blades ... and investigators believe it could be a case of a photo-op gone tragically wrong.

Jack Fenton and his 3 friends were getting off their hired black Bell 407 helicopter, coming back from the Greek Isle at the time of the incident.

They were led from the aircraft to a private lounge to wait for a plane that would take them back to London, but Jack headed back toward the helicopter as others shouted at him to come back.

Witnesses who spoke to Greece’s committee for aviation accidents say Fenton was holding a phone to his ear as he went toward the back of the helicopter, where the blade was still spinning and he was stuck in the head, killing him instantly.

Those who saw the incident could only describe it as "horrifying. The pilot of the helicopter, who was "deeply traumatized," was arrested as were two ground technicians.

Authorities are investigating the accident, including "the possibility of the boy going there to take a selfie in the excitement of the moment."

Jack's parents were in a second helicopter heading to the same tarmac when their pilot requested emergency permission to abort the landing to spare them the horrific sight of their son -- and instead took them to Athens Airport.

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