Doctor Suspended For Leaving His Mark On Patients Forever

A narcissistic U.K. doctor who engraved his own initials onto the livers of his patients during transplant surgeries has been taken off his country’s medical register.

Dr Simon Bramhall used a surgical device to brand his initials onto the organs of patients at the end of at least two surgeries in February and August 2013. The 1.6-inch markings were discovered by another doctor when the livers Bramhall had transplanted failed after approximately one week after the surgery.

Bramhall pleaded guilty and was convicted of two counts of common assault in 2017, according to documents from the U.K.’s Medical Practicioners Tribunal Service (MPTS). He was fined over $13,500 and given a community service mandate for his vile actions.

Bramhall was suspended for at least five months in December 2020, although he had resigned from the hospital where he worked in 2017. A Monday report said a June 2021 review found the doctor’s fitness to practice was not impaired because of his criminal convictions, and his suspension was revoked.

The case was resubmitted to the MPTS, which concluded that Bramhall “breached” the trust between patient and doctor, leading to his name being stricken from the medical register.

The tribunal which struck Bramhall’s name said that “no lasting physical damage was caused to either patient,” but his actions had caused “significant emotional harm,” noting that removal was a “proportionate sanction” despite Bramhall’s “previous good character” due to his “gross violation of his patients’ dignity and autonomy.”

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