Caitlyn Jenner Rejected By The Transexual Community And Accused Of Being A Hypocrite

Caitlyn Jenner, the self-appointed figurehead of the transgender community, has been largely rejected by her community who many see her views as coming from a place of privilege. Jenner would be the first transgender governor if she wins the bid for California.

"She’s completely detached," said Bamby Salcedo, president of the [email protected] Coalition, an advocacy group. "All this truly is about her. It’s not about the issues, not about the people."

Salcedo said referring to the violence that members of the transgender community face that Jenner will “never understand what it is like to be fearful walking down the street because of who you are.”

Christine Hallquist seemed to agree when she told the San Francisco Chronicle that Jenner doesn’t grasp the unique challenges that are faced every day by trans-Americans. Hallquist is the first transgender woman to be a Democratic nominee for governor when she ran in 2018.

"Unfortunately, because of her background and reputation, she has become the figurehead we don’t want," Hallquist said. "She hasn’t really done anything to raise the voices of those who can’t speak for themselves."

LGBT activist Charlotte Clymer called Jenner "someone who panders," "a hypocrite" and "a hateful person who has no problem attacking trans people to build her brand."

Clymer called Jenner the "Phyllis Schlafly" of her community. Schlafly was a conservative activist who opposed the women’s movement of the 1960s and rose to fame by working to stop the Equal Rights Amendment.

Aria Sa’id, executive director of the Transgender District in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood, said that Republicans accept Jenner and "look beyond" her trans identity due to her Whiteness and her wealth.

"It’s conditional acceptance," she said, according to the Chronicle. "People will make conditional acceptance of people who mirror them in some ways and not others."

"It’s beyond privilege," Sa’id said. "She’s protected in her upscale mansion in Malibu, with her over $100 million net worth. Caitlyn lives in a bubble and represents people who live in that bubble, people who feel inconvenienced by the social issues we see."

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