Biden's Ex Spills The Beans In Telling New Memoir

ABC News anchor Amy Robach sat down with Kathleen Buhle, the ex-wife of Hunter Biden, and discussed a recently published memoir about her life with her infamous ex-husband.

Robach asked Buhle how she felt about several hot topics, including her ex-husband’s drug "addiction," his earnings from being on the board of the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, the pictures from his laptop, and whether she had issues with Joe and Jill Biden signaling support for Hunter’s subsequent relationship with his deceased brother Beau’s widow.

The GMA anchor opened the interview by explaining that it was Buhle’s long-awaited reaction to her husband’s "troubled personal life." "Hunter Biden has of course attracted a great deal of attention over his business dealings, his troubled, and turbulent personal life. Through it all his former wife Kathleen Buhle has remained in the shadows, but now in her new memoir, ‘If We Break: A Memoir of Marriage, Addiction, and Healing,’ she is now breaking her silence," Robach began.

Robach asked Buhle about her husband’s addictions. "At what point in your marriage did you realize that Hunter had a drinking problem?" she asked.

"With addiction especially there’s so much shame surrounding it that it becomes something that we don’t talk about," Buhle responded.

Robach pressed her on the photos from Hunter Biden’s laptop. "We’ve seen images of Hunter, the ones that were on his laptop looking disheveled. Was that the husband you knew in moments, at times?" she asked.

"Not at all," she responded, adding, "He was struggling under a massive drug addiction and that’s heartbreaking and painful and that wasn’t who I was married to."

The Good Morning America host moved on to her husband’s corrupt business dealings. Robach stated, "you say you weren’t really involved in the finances at all."

"It’s embarrassing to say that I ceded all financial control to my husband," Buhle claimed, adding, "I liked the nice things and I didn’t want to think about the cost at which they were coming. Writing this book really helped me to understand how unfair that was to Hunter and how unhealthy that was for me."

The host asked Buhle whether she would ever testify against Biden if requested.

"No. I have buried my head in the sand. I really hope that’s a lesson that women hear, understand your finances, take responsibility for them," she replied.

Robach pressed, "Did he deliberately curry favor or seek profit based on who his father was? That’s the question people ask. In your experience as his wife did you see that?"

Buhle skirted the question, saying, "I saw someone who loved his father, respected his parents, and was proud to be their son."

Robach shifted to the topic of Hunter Biden starting a relationship with his late brother’s widow while still married to her, asking Buhle how she felt about Joe and Jill Biden approving of the affair.

Buhle’s only comment was: "The one thing I’ve never ever questioned was Joe and Jill’s love and attention to my three daughters. Divorce was hard on all of us because we were very close, but we come together out of a shared love for my daughters."

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