Biden Admin To Hire Left-Wing Extreme Activist For Unexpected Position

The Biden administration is getting ready to hire a left-wing activist and current New York University researcher.

Meredith Whittaker, a former Google employee and outspoken activist on issues of race, sexuality, and gender in the tech industry, is in the process of undergoing a background check for an artificial intelligence advisor position at the Federal Trade Commission.

At this time Whittaker works as the faculty director of the AI Now Institute at New York University, where she researches “rights and liberties, labor and automation, bias and inclusion, and safety and critical infrastructure,” according to the institute’s website.

Whittaker led a walkout in protest of Google’s handling of sexual misconduct. She has been an active activist working to combat “structural racism” in the tech industry, as well as misogyny and sexual harassment.

She also called for tech workers to “unionize” and “build solidarity” in an internal message sent to her Google coworkers. In 2019, she successfully pushed for the removal of Kay James Cole, then-president of the Heritage Foundation, from Google’s AI advisory panel on the grounds that her positions on homosexuality made her ethically unfit for the position.

Whittaker continues to be outspoken in her views on social media. She referred to cryptocurrency executives as “racist” and “ignorant” in a tweet in relation to a New York Times piece about allegations that crypto firm Coinbase discriminated against black employees.

“White supremacy pays — it’s the scaffolding of their ‘success.’ At some level, they certainly know that, and are optimizing for it,” she tweeted.

One tweet condemned Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s embrace of “frat culture” and bemoaned his “maniacal white boy cackle.”

On Jan. 9, three days after the Jan. 6 riots, Whittaker announced her support for censorship of “fascists” on social media.

It’s “good [social media companies] they’re banning fascists,” Whittaker tweeted, though she did not clarify who the tweet was referring to.

If hired, Whittaker would join the FTC under the tenure of Lina Khan, who wants to expand the agency’s power, drawing accusations of partisanship from Republican Commissioners as well as GOP lawmakers.

There have also been reports that the FTC under Khan has begun considering non-competition-related information when deciding whether mergers are lawful. Democratic Commissioner Rebecca Kelly Slaughter has pushed for antitrust enforcement to be a device for “anti-racism.”

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