All The Clues Were There Before Brutal Murder Of College Students

Despite "looking extensively" into tips that one of the victims had a stalker, detectives looking into the brutal killings of four college students in Moscow, Idaho, nine days ago have not been able to confirm the information, police said on Tuesday evening.

The Moscow Police Department reported receiving "hundreds of pieces of information" regarding the potential stalking of Kaylee Goncalves.

Jim Clemente, a retired FBI supervisory special agent and expert in criminal behavioral analysis, said to Fox News Digital on Tuesday that the murderer was probably a stalker familiar with the victims' routines or knew the victims personally.

"Going into an occupied dwelling with six people in … different rooms in the middle of the night is an extremely high-risk crime, unless he knows one or more of the people," Clemente said. "So, that is my first thought on it: this offender did not just randomly choose this location, that he targeted one or more of the people in there. Now, that could be because he has a relationship or a past relationship with one or more of them, or it could be that he's been stalking one or more of them."

The use of a "fixed-blade knife" in the attacks was also confirmed by police on Tuesday. Following an autopsy last week, a medical examiner concluded that all four victims had sustained multiple stabbings, some of which may have been in self-defense.

Detectives have been asking around at neighborhood shops to see if anyone has recently bought a fix-blade knife.

Days after the assault, police inquired about the presence of "Ka-Bar-style knives," a style of combat knife "similar to the knife Rambo has," according to a local store owner who spoke with the Idaho Statesman.

On Monday, other officers expanded the crime scene to include a parking lot and a forested area behind the home. On Tuesday, one officer was seen carrying evidence boxes out of the house.

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