You Won't Believe Why People From All Over The World Are Coming To See This BLM Mural In Nashville

Tourists from all over the country are flocking to Nashville to see the new mural of Dolly Parton that commemorates her position on the Black Lives Matter movement.

The mural artist, Kim Radford, had already come up with the idea to paint the giant work of art on the side of a famous local music club called The 5 Spot, one of the many filming locations for the hit TV show "Nashville."

As Radford was finishing the mural, she red an article from Billboard in which the country music icon said she supported the BLM movement saying, "Of course Black lives matter. Do we think our little white a**es are the only ones that matter?"

"I looked at her quote in particular and it was so sassy and a sensitive comment about something's that go a lot of friction in the air right now. And she just treated it like Dolly does: lovingly. And it was just perfect," said Radford.

So the artist spontaneously added the quote to the top of the mural, replacing part of the expletive with butterflies.

The mural features Dolly's signature high-volume blonde hair being surrounded by butterflies and flowers.


“I wanted it to be a real display of an icon, fun, bright, artistic way," said Radford. "It’s a representation of an icon that Americans and really people across the globe are really proud to know and love her music.”

Pretty soon pictures of the artwork quickly spread across social media and the mural has become a hotspot for tourists visiting Music City.

“I’ve had fans reach out from as far as Dubai,” said Radford. “A lot of women. And I have to say, 95% super positive.”

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