Walk-Away-Joe Does It Again And Gets Blasted On Social Media

A reporter has called out President Joe Biden for disregarding questions from the press during his remarks on the economy Tuesday.

In a tweet following Biden’s remarks, a Wall Street Journal White House reporter, Alex Leary, pointed out that the president did not respond to a question from CBS News White House correspondent, Steven Portnoy.

Biden ended his remarks by saying that he was going to a food kitchen to serve meals before the Thanksgiving holiday then he walked away from the podium and he turned his back on the press.

As Biden walked away, reporters shouted questions before Portnoy could be heard asking, “When will you answer our questions, sir?”

This incident of Biden dodging questions from the press comes after a similar incident on Monday when he announced he would nominate Jerome Powell for a second term as Chair of the Federal Reserve. Video of the incident has been shared on Twitter.

Biden recently visited a New Jersey elementary school where he joked about “figuring out” how to “avoid answering press questions sometimes.”

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