VIDEO: Mike Pence Gets BOOED OFF STAGE At Major Convention!

At the National Rifle Association Convention on Friday, former Vice President Mike Pence was met with a chorus of boos when he stepped up to the podium. Undeterred, he managed to quip "I love you too," before continuing.

In January 2021, footage from a documentary showed Pence reacting to Nancy Pelosi's House resolution demanding he invokes the 25th Amendment and removes Donald Trump from office following the events of January 6. Smirking, he responded with a curt “Yeah, excellent” before ordering an aide to print him off a hard copy. He added in his own defense that “I’m always hopeful about America.”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been vocal in his criticism of Pence, stating that “He spent four years getting bossed around by Donald Trump like a concubine.” Carlson added that he believed Pence to be "delusional", and that anyone encouraging him to run for president should be fired. He concluded with an appeal for Pence to take a break and reflect on himself and the world.

Regardless of what happens next, it is clear that Pence's actions have not been forgotten. Only time will tell if the former Vice President can recover from this rocky start as he looks ahead to potential presidential prospects in 2024.

Pence’s “Yeah, excellent,” was followed by a smirk, and “Um, tell Zack to print me off a hard copy for the trip home. Great.”

“I’m always hopeful about America,” Pence added.

“He spent four years getting bossed around by Donald Trump like a concubine,” Fox News’ Tucker Carlson said of Pence last year. “He was bossed around by his donors when he was governor of Indiana. He’s not in a position to lead anything.”

Carlson added, “The idea that he’s going to run for president is, like, delusional, and is clearly only benefiting his consultants. He should fire anyone who is telling him to go to New Hampshire and run for president and give dumb speeches about the FBI when he has no idea what he’s talking about.”

“It’s super embarrassing. I don’t want to beat up on Mike Pence,” Carlson insisted, but “if you’re that detached from reality you need to take a break and think deeply about yourself and the world.”

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