VIDEO: Country Music Superstar Rescued From Building After Terrifying Collapse

Legendary country star Reba McEntire was rescued by the Oklahoma fire department after the historic building she was touring with six others had a staircase that collapsed.

The country artist was one of seven persons rescued by officials in Atoka, Oklahoma, on Tuesday. After visiting a historic location — the building is at least 100 years old — Reba and a friend were trapped inside when the structure partially collapsed.

According to Travis Mullins, Director of Emergency Management, the building was in the midst of being refurbished at the time of the incident — the old stairs were already slated to be replaced when this occurred. There has been no information on why anyone was allowed to enter the building, assuming that was the case.

In any case, Reba and her friends were fortunate in that they were only on the second level when the stairs fell, leaving them trapped up there and requiring an old-fashioned ladder rescue. The incident was captured on video, which shows firefighters carefully lowering her and others through the window.

All but one of Reba's friends were unharmed; nevertheless, one individual was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Officials later stated that not only did the 2nd story stairwell collapse, but the stairwell leading up to the 3rd floor did as well, trapping anyone who was higher up at the time.


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