The Left-Wing Agenda is Winning? Not After Seeing The Latest Ratings

In recent years, award shows have become less about celebrating cinematic excellence and more about delivering political speeches. The left-wing agenda of the entertainment industry has gone from subtle to overt, and conservative viewers are increasingly tuning out.

This year’s Golden Globe Awards saw massive ratings drop as conservative audiences stayed away in droves. The problem is not just limited to this one show; the entire awards show landscape has been undermined by woke McCarthyism, and it is up to conservatives to push back against this trend if they want to see these shows return to their former glory.

What Is Woke McCarthyism?

Woke McCarthyism is the term used to describe the trend of using cultural events such as award shows to advance a left-wing agenda. This includes promoting extreme ideologies such as identity politics and critical race theory while attacking traditional values such as faith, patriotism, hard work, and personal responsibility.

In addition, many celebrities use their platform at these events to advocate for partisan causes or attack those who disagree with them politically. Hollywood elites have become increasingly vocal in pushing their own narrow worldview onto their audience without any regard for those who may disagree with them.

How Has Woke McCarthyism Hurt Award Shows?

Woke McCarthyism has caused immense damage to award shows on both creative and commercial levels. On a creative level, the focus on politics has taken attention away from celebrating the film itself in favor of pandering for political points with ideological homilies and virtue-signaling speeches that bore viewers instead of entertaining them. Furthermore, many talented artists are ignored simply because they do not fit into the accepted narrative pushed by Hollywood elites while conversely lesser performers are rewarded simply because they do conform to this narrative despite having little actual talent or merit.

As a result, these events have become an exercise in cynicism rather than an opportunity for genuine celebration or appreciation of great artistry.

On a commercial level, woke McCarthyism has eroded viewership significantly over recent years as conservative audiences tune out en masse due to feeling alienated by Hollywood’s heavy-handedness and lack of respect for traditional values or differing opinions from its own self-righteous ones. The numbers don't lie; according to NBC's preliminary figures, this year's Golden Globe Awards had only 5 million viewers compared to last year's 18 million when there was no speechifying involved either way politically speaking (source).

Similarly, Fox News reported that the 2019’s Academy Awards were watched by 29 million people whereas the 2020’s ceremony plummeted down 22 percent (source). This drastic decline highlights just how much conservative audiences have abandoned these awards shows due largely in part because of woke McCarthyism driving them away through its blatant politicization rather than focusing on honoring great cinema which should be its primary purpose.

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