Scientists Can't Explain Why This Stream Is Made Of Booze

A hiker in Waipio on the island of Oahu happened upon a stream that was more than just a little refreshing, in fact it was downright intoxicating.

The hiker, who described the stream as having the overwhelming smell of beer, quickly got in touch with Carroll Cox, an environmental activist and head of the non-profit EnviroWatch.

An analysis of the stream’s water showed it contained 1.2 percent alcohol and .04 percent sugar, giving the stream its unique smell. EnviroWatch reported its findings on Nov. 8 to government officials, who were able to trace the source to Paradise Beverages, the state’s largest supplier of alcoholic beverages.

“Right now, we’ve had the Department of Transportation come in with their representatives and we’re dealing with them and we’ve also been contacted by the Department of Health,” said Anthony Rowe, director of operations for Paradise Beverages. “It may be coming from us so that’s why we’re working with the proper authorities.”

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