Rubio Explains Why President Biden Might Seem Like A Different Person

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, compared the differences between then-candidate and now-President Joe Biden, telling the National Conservatism Conference on Monday that the reason for the difference is because had he shown his true self – he would not have been elected.

"I think it's telling that the agenda promoted by the candidate Joe Biden is very different from the one that's being pushed by President Joe Biden," Rubio said in a live stream video conference in Orlando, Florida.

"Candidate Joe Biden, for example, promised a return of competency and professionalism; President Joe Biden delivered chaos: Historic calamity on the southern border, humiliating and deadly debacle in Afghanistan, stranded cargo ships off the coast of California, and the skyrocketing prices of literally everything."

Rubio was scheduled to attend the conference in person but was unable to due to the ongoing American Airlines flight cancellations.

He began by stating that Biden is governing contradictory to the way he campaigned because he knew from the get-go that his ideas were unpopular with the majority of ordinary Americans in comparison to those managing society day today.

"The problem is they have power beyond the numbers," Rubio said. "They happen to be the people who run our schools and our universities, our tech companies, our large corporations, meetings, boards, the entertainment industry; they are the most generous donors and enthusiastic activists in one of our two major political parties."

By pointing out this specific class of "managers" as distinct from the general population, Rubio drew on the work and writings of many of the conference attendees and other conservatives.

"I am here to tell you big business is not our ally in the fight against socialism," he said. "Yes, they come running for help to conservatives when the Left threatens to raise their taxes; they come running for help when workers decide they want to unionize. But on most days, they're either cultural warriors or rocking boats in the language of free-market capitalism."

The senator finished by noting specific policy positions to address these economic woes – such as requiring companies to disclose to investors about their employee training policies and to the public about how they are building up American capital.

Rubio emphasized that America is entering a time when it could be irreversibly transformed without adjusting for the new generation.

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