NFL TEXANS QB Lawyers Admits Massages Sometimes Resulted In "Consensual" Sex

Texans quarterback DeShaun Watson has been facing several accusations of sexual misconduct, including exposing himself to women during massage sessions, among other allegations over the last couple of months for a total of 22 civil lawsuits.

During a press conference after a pair of victories for Watson’s legal team, after a Texas judge ruled the woman accusing the quarterback of sexual misconduct must reveal herself, attorney Rusty Hardin admitted that consensual sexual encounters occurred with massage therapists. However, Hardin insisted that Watson did not coerce any massage therapists or used his celebrity status to persuade the therapists to provide consent.

Hardin emphasized that the entire situation was a “new model for extortion.” He went on to point out Ashley Solis for making a settlement demand of $100,000 and claimed that she was not proceeding with a civil lawsuit “just for money.”

For all 22 civil lawsuits that Watson faces it seems almost impossible for Watson to prevail due to the very low standard of proof in civil court needed. Each of these cases will come down to whether the jury believes the accuser or Watson.

Watson found strange support from another legendary NFL player earlier this week when O.J. Simpson shared his two cents on the cases that Watson faced.

Simpson has had his fair share of accusations and dealings with officers as well. He has been accused of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. Simpson was later convicted of kidnapping and armed robbery in 2007 which led to one of the famous police chases of all time.

"I’m a big fan of Deshaun’s -- the man has always had a sterling reputation and I’m a guy that knows what accusations can do to your reputation," Simpson remarked while laughing into the camera.

"Anyway, I’m a little confused. Twenty-two women have come out accusing him of wrongdoing and I’m a little confused because in my entire life I think I’ve had four massage therapists and two of those were guys. I’m a little confused as to why he went through so many of them and I’m sure there’s a lot that have not accused him of anything," the former NFL star said.

"I would hate not to see him play again. I know we have to let the system work itself out. But my prayers are with him."

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