NFL Great Terrell Owens Confronted By Neighborhood “Karen”

Terrell Owens got into a “heated argument” with a neighbor Wednesday night, with the Broward County Sheriff's Office getting involved. The incident unfolded between the former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver and a woman in his neighborhood, who was “screaming profanities” at him. At one point, Owens took out his phone and started a live-stream video of the incident.

The woman accused Owens of nearly hitting her with his car which Owens denied.

“You don’t yell at me and tell me I almost hit you and I didn’t,” Owens can be heard telling the woman in the video.

“But, you didn’t have to get out of your f***ing car!” she replied.

Owens continued, “You didn’t have to talk to me that way, either! Karen!”

That’s when the woman yelled back, “You’re a Black man approaching a white woman!”

The woman later broke down crying and Owens accused her of “hamming it up” for the police.

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