Laura Ingraham's Wrap Up Of The DNC DESTROYS The Democrats

Fox News host Laura Ingraham summed up the 2020 Democratic National Convention by absolutely slaying the party's outdated and brainless views.

"In what felt like at times a never-ending Zoom call with professional scolds, the 2020 virtual DNC finally, mercifully wrapped," the "Ingraham Angle" host said. "And after all the Democrats' gauzy tributes to Joe and their shameless lies about Trump, all we're left with is the recognition that this is a party that has learned nothing since 2016."

"Now think about it," she continued, "to answer Trump's popular appeal, they've nominated a guy who first ran for president 33 years ago. A guy who's been hanging around Washington since the early '70s; a man who -- grandfatherly appeal notwithstanding -- epitomizes the word swamp. And then to add insult to injury, they think you're so stupid that you're going to vote for him even if you have no idea what he'd actually do to tackle our toughest challenges."

Ingraham pointed out that the Democrats talked a lot about "dignity" yet their policies seem to be lacking in that area.

"Americans aren't stupid. No matter how much Team Biden tries to hide the ball, they know he'll kill the fracking industry, he'll destroy what's left of the steel industry when he lifts Trump's trade tariffs on China. They know a Biden presidency will export good-paying jobs and import more crime and cheap labor," she said.

"And when you wrap your mind around that, suddenly Joe and Jill's 45-year love affair becomes a lot less endearing or less relevant," said Ingraham. "They threw the word 'dignity' around a lot tonight and over the past four nights. But tonight, I'm going to ask you: Where is the dignity in taking an American's job and shipping it to China? Where's the dignity in rewarding the lawlessness in sanctuary cities?"

Ingraham's conclusion was, "There is zero dignity, there is zero compassion, there is zero empathy in any of that."


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