Inappropriate Fan Photos Featuring Chris Brown Surface

Chris Brown has been facing backlash over risqué photos he has taken with female fans at meet-and-greets on his recent tour.

On Monday, multiple photos of Brown's meet-and-greets from his current "One of Them Ones" tour with Lil Baby went viral on Twitter, with many fans pointing out the unusual and provocative poses in the pictures.

Brown quickly took to Instagram to defend the photos, saying that he has the "coolest fans on the planet."

"PSA!!! When artists (everyone) do concerts, they all have something called a VIP package," he wrote in an Instagram Story. "I haven't done meet and greets in over 7 years..."

Brown continued: "I have the coolest fans on the planet... I appreciate the f**k outta them. These are memories that will last with them forever. Unlike most of the lame-a** artists that won't make eye contact with the people who made it possible to even have a career. I only exist because these fans saw something in me I never thought was possible... So Ima go all out for my fans!!!"

Still, some fans thought that Brown had gone too far with the photos.

However, many commenters felt that the fans got their money's worth for the VIP packages, which cost up to $3,500.

Shane Martin, a Connecticut-based music marketing expert who operates meet-and-greets at concerts, also shared an Instagram post last week applauding Brown's interaction with his fans at the Xfinity Theatre in Hartford, Connecticut.

"I've operated hundreds and hundreds of meet & greets over the years and never have I ever seen an artist interact with the fans the way Chris Brown did," Martin wrote.

"Usually artists pose for the pic, maybe shake a hand or two and then say next, making the experience last about 20-30 seconds. But Chris Brown shook everyone's hand, gave multiple hugs, signed multiple things, and took lots of very entertaining pictures with each person! He actually stood there and talked to each fan for 3-4 minutes."

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