Florida Woman Summons Serpent To Fight Against Police

A Florida woman was arrested Wednesday after she fled from police, hit several vehicles, and threw a fake snake at police officers.

Ironically, police were not originally after the woman, who does suffer from mental health problems.

“Ironically, the motor unit flipped his blue lights on to stop another vehicle and he saw this truck, who he had not focused on, took off at a high rate of speed,” said Martin County Sheriff William Snyder.

After the suspect noticed police cars nearby, she sped away in her truck and intentionally struck a deputy on a motorcycle, hit a police car and knocked over a truck with three people inside.

“When that deputy was first coming up to the pickup truck, she intentionally swerved into his lane, nearly causing a head-on collision,” Snyder said.

Three people were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. No police officers were injured.

Officers finally had the unidentified woman surrounded after she’d led them on a 5-mile chase. That’s when she threw what first appeared to be a live snake at them but it was actually a rubber snake.

The officers were forced to taser the suspect to subdue her and subsequently took her into custody.

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