Filmmaker Michael Moore Warns Trump He Will Be Behind Bars Very Soon

Filmmaker Michael Moore, known for his documentaries that frequently address the topics of globalization and capitalism, made some grim predictions about the former President Trump's future.

After leaving the White House on Wednesday Moore said Trump would face possible convictions and imprisonment.

Trump previously announced that he would not be attending the swearing-in of his successor and instead left the White House for Florida so Moore decided to seize the opportunity to share his disdain for Trump via Twitter.

"He has just left the White House for good. We the people have evicted him. I will go ahead & cancel the U-Haul. He now flies over the wreckage he has created, knowing we are not done with him," Moore wrote along with an image of Trump leaving the White House for the last time. "Trial. Conviction. Imprisonment. He must pay for his actions - a first-ever for him."

Later the same day, Moore shared an image of Trump giving a speech during his departure ceremony, Moore reiterated his assertion that Trump will find himself in prison very soon.

"Trump! STFU! GTFO! LOSER! HUGEST LOSER EVER!"Moore tweeted. "Federal prison. 3 good meals a day."

Even though he is no longer president, Trump is still facing another impeachment that has been passed by Congress and will move to the Senate as a result of his role in the attack on the Capitol that took place on January 6 leaving five people dead.

Recently, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi implied that Trump could even be considered an accessory to murder depending on the outcome of his trial in the Senate. On top of that the Manhattan District Attorney's office announced that it would also be looking into Trump's business affairs.

Moore has always been an outspoken critic of Trump throughout his presidency and was a particularly vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders before losing the Democratic ticket to Biden.

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