Critics Can't Believe What Fauci Is Now Telling Vaccinated Americans

While faced with a line of questioning regarding bringing back mask mandates Dr. Anthony Fauci said the order is "under active consideration," and that he is involved in the discussion surrounding the decision.

CNN's Jake Tapper pressed Fauci about his conversations with top health officials and whether they would impose a new nationwide mask mandate for Americans that have already been vaccinated. His answer was not what the country wanted to hear. 

Fauci said implementing mask mandates is "under active consideration," and that he is "part of the discussion," but did not say whether or not he supported mask mandates.

Individuals who are hospitalized with the infection are now largely those who are unvaccinated – about 99% of individuals, according to Kristen Choi, an assistant professor at UCLA School of Nursing.

Fauci reiterated the CDC's guidance recommending that vaccinated Americans are not required to wear masks, but local officials still have the final word on mandates in their cities.

"If you’re looking at what’s going on locally, in the trenches, in places like LA county, the local officials have the discretion, and the CDC agrees with that ability and discretion capability, to say ‘you know, you’re in a situation where we’re having a lot of dynamics of infection, but even if you are vaccinated, you should wear a mask," said Fauci.

He added the localities making the decision to impose mask mandates was not "incompatible with the CDC’s overall recommendations that give a lot of discretion to the locals."

Critics slammed Fauci’s comments as being about "control," and "constantly changing."

"Fauci chirping this weekend the vaccinated may well be back behind masks soon," tweeted conservative columnist Chris Stigall. "Proving this isn’t about anything other than control. It’s sure as hell not about science."

Fauci explained to Tapper that there are "two kinds of America," noting the differences between the "very vulnerable unvaccinated" and the "really relatively protected vaccinated part." He also urged elected leaders in "areas that are not vaccinated to get out and speak out and encourage people to get vaccinated."

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