Car Bombing At Washington Funeral Leads To Manhunt

Authorities in Auburn, Washington are asking for help identifying two suspects responsible for a car bombing on August 23. The car was parked at Mountain View Cemetery during a funeral at the time of the explosion, sparking a huge fire.

The suspect was seen on surveillance video approaching a black Lexus and throwing something inside.

“They saw a guy run up to the window and break it,” an employee who wanted to remain anonymous said. “Then, not even 30 seconds later, the car exploded.”

As employees were responding to the explosion, a passenger in the suspect's vehicle opened fire as they fled the scene.

There were between 60 and 80 funeral attendees. No one was injured in the bombing but there was fire damage to the surrounding trees.

Police have released photos of the black Acura RL with no license plates that fled the scene.

"It's a very unusual situation. It's one we really want to figure out," said Kilby Crossley, spokesperson for the Auburn Police Department. "The passenger was the one who threw the explosive device, and the passenger was also the one who shot the rounds. But there was also someone who was driving him."

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