BRIAN LAUNDRIE Sighting Sparks New Controversy About Where He Could Be Hiding

There have probably been thousands of tips called in claiming to have seen Brian Laundrie from all over the country. However, there are a few hotspots where the possibility is a bit more likely.

One of those places is Florida since it is now very public knowledge that both Brian and Gabby's parents reside in the sunshine state. While this extremely grainy footage could possibly show the missing suspected killer keep in mind the location is almost 200 miles away from his parent's home.

Brian Laundrie might have been pedaling along a country road -- purposely out of public view -- on a rickety old bike ... that is, if you buy what someone says they see in this video.

Check out this clip, obtained by TMZ, which one witness tells us was shot from a surveillance camera on the outskirts of his property on October 9 in Dunnellon, FL -- a tiny town, about three hours north of Laundrie's hometown of North Port, where his family resides.

We're told there are several acres of rural land behind this guy's property, which is apparently where this footage was taken ... along what we're told is a rugged sugar sand path that hardly anyone ever ventures down ... on foot or anything else.

Add on the fact this mystery man -- at least at first glance -- appears to bear a passing resemblance to Laundrie in the face ... and we might have a legit sighting on our hands.

The footage has been passed along to the FBI for official review. The sighting could pan out to nothing but it gives hope to authorities to know people have not given up searching for Gabby's killer.

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