Blood Spilled On The Ice During Hockey Game Brawl

A Canadian league hockey player straight-up kicked an opponent in the face with his skate during a mid-game fracas… in an incident so reckless, that police are now investigating.

The hair-raising scene unfolded during an Adult Safe Hockey League game on July 29th at Scotia Barn in Burnaby.

You can see in the video, that two players from opposing teams were brawling when, out of nowhere, one guy appeared to purposefully kick the other with the blade of his skate.

The player immediately fell onto the ice covering his face. The kicker was issued a penalty and ejected from the game.

The Burnaby Royal Canadian Mounted Police say the victim received medical treatment for his injuries, adding that they've launched an investigation.

"Burnaby RCMP is continuing to investigate the circumstances and actions that led to the player’s injuries," officials said.

"Burnaby RCMP is in possession of a video showing one angle of the incident, which has been collected as evidence. Investigators are still in the process of speaking with players and witnesses."

The ASHL, said in a statement, "The conduct and on-ice behaviour depicted in the video in no way aligns with the values of our league and the rules of the game,” adding that the player had been indefinitely suspended.

"While we acknowledge that the total prevention of incidents like this is not possible, we will continue to ensure that such incidents are treated with appropriate supplemental discipline, including the potential for a player to be permanently expelled from the league."

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