Biden Allowed These Horrid Crimes To Happen And Should Be Held Accountable

Biden has made one bad decision after another since he took office earlier this year. His latest one has him responsible for a horrible act against a young woman in Montana. Zabihullah Mohmand, 19, was charged with criminal rape following his placement in Montana by the Biden administration, according to US officials.

The victim, named in court records as "Jane Doe," claims she met Mohmand and two other males at a pub and they agreed to depart together to attend a home party. After leaving the pub, she discovered there was no house party, but she decided to return to his hotel despite her stated desire for nothing to happen.

The Missoulian reports:

While telling police her story, she then began crying. She and Mohmand did have sex, she said, adding “(she) just couldn’t get him off me.” Mohmand wouldn’t let her leave, she told law enforcement. She also mentioned that another man was in the room during the assault. When she eventually left the room to get an Uber, Mohmand allegedly followed her out and tried to stop her from leaving.

In cellphone correspondence with her friend, the woman reported being raped. Her neck had significant bruising and red marks, charging documents said. She told officers Mohmand had held her down on the bed by placing his hand around her neck with force.

Governor Greg Gianforte of Montana, Senator Steve Daines (R-MT), and Representative Matt Rosendale (R-MT) have all released remarks on the alleged rape.

Gianforte demanded Biden to halt the flow of Afghan refugees into his state until federal law enforcement personnel can be thoroughly vetted in line with federal law due to his “serious concerns about whether the Biden administration is meeting its obligations to fully vet Afghans prior to resettlement.”

But all this is too late for the woman who had to suffer from the Afghan refugee who should not have been able to come into the state at all.

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